Association of Oxford University Pensioners

St John's College

Chairman's Report Spring 2022

Fraud and scams

A member has reported to us that his bank account had been debited with the narrative Oxford Uni Direct Debit. This was not a payment that he had authorised. The number of similar incidents is increasing so please be aware.  If you don't already do so, it may well be worth checking your bank statements regularly and do contact your bank immediately if you don't recognise an entry.

Advice about scams is available on a number of websites, including this one here. ¬†You may also like to know that a quick check to identify the sender of an email is to hover the cursor over the address in the 'from' field.  This will show the address that the email was sent from and if this is different from the apparent address, be very careful about replying. 

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We are setting up an email address list so that we can make immediate contact with members.

We've put this together from addresses we already have but we're sure that some of these are wrong and others are missing.

If you prefer to be removed or wish your email to be added please email us giving your name and address, so that we can identify you on our database of members or alternatively complete the online form.

The links page on this site for information of general interest to pensioners, including Oxfordshire bus passes, pensions, places in Oxford to visit.

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